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Searching is done through the use of filters, which narrow the number of results based on characteristics of the records in the database. On the initial screen, no filters are applied, and all records are returned. As you apply filters, the number of results becomes smaller. The total number of results returned is displayed at the top left of the page.

Available Filters and How they Work

Dates: Applying date filters narrows down hits to within certain date ranges. Selecting a century span initially will make each decade available as a subheading under the more link. Under the "more" link, you can narrow the date filter to a specific decade within the chosen century.

Maker: Choose from the list of creators of objects to view only those items created by certain people (painters, photographers, manufacturers, etc.)

Types: The search includes many different types of objects: Photos, Furniture, Archives, Paintings, etc. This filter limits to one type at a time.

Subject: These are content descriptions assigned to records by museum staff. People, Organizations, Military, Major Events, Landmarks and Businesses are general categories that contain more specific subjects.

Place: This filter limits the search to records associated with certain places.

Search: This searches for keywords in the record's description, subject, creator, type, and title.

With images: Checking this box limits the results displayed to only those records with images attached.

Applying Filters

Next to each facet value in the list is a number in parentheses which indicates how many hits are available for that facet. For instance, under Creator, "Victoria Porcelain Company" shows the number 72, which denotes the number of items in the system that were created by this company.

The list of facet values is sorted by the number of hits returned by that filter, with the highest number first. Clicking the "more" link will display a longer list of facet values.

Removing Filters

As each filter is applied, it is displayed at the top of the page with a red "X" beside it. To remove the filter, click the red "X". The Reset button clears all search terms and filters and displays the screen for a new search.

Detail Page

Clicking on an item in the results list displays the detail page for that item. This page shows all the data available for the item and a large, zoomable image. The detail page also includes links to license the image for use or to or buy prints of the image in various formats (if available). A link on the detail page takes you "back to search results."

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