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Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries: Volume 1, page 51, November 7-11, 1849

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Identifier: A0632-00001

Title: Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries: Volume 1, page 51, November 7-11, 1849

Description: Mentions the possibility of Jabez Wing moving, a cigar maker whom Ben Haun fought with over non-payment of rent, and going to church with Wing.


[7. Wednesday through 9. Friday] At work on “Mose [among the Britishers]” for Carey and Hart. Suicidal weather out o’doors. Little stirring out. Backgammon with [Jabez] Wing o’nights and reading. He having finished his work aboard the “Hudson” talks of going to the land of “punkins” and wooden nutmegs — in default of any thing to do.

10. Saturday. Went over to New York in defiance of the rain, and made a few calls. Mostly unsuccessful, for none of the called-on in the way, save “Le Chevalier [Thomas] Picton.” / [Silenus] Brinsley returned from three or four days bacchanalizing, with a black eye, given him by a juvenile cigar-maker lately a denizen here. And last night this same Juvenis got “lammed” by b’hoy Ben [Haun] — inasmuch as he had departed without the production of $3 for his board. According to Ben’s account “he licked him like thunder”— and I believe it. “He didn’t do nuthin else!”

11. Sunday. In-doors, reading till the Evening. Then to Presbyterian Church with Wing. (“John Presbyter” has altered since Hudibrastic days — fine organ, and sermon exhorting charity and Christian spirit to those differing in creed ). That was the better part of the sermon. For the rest, the subject was too great for the preacher,) as it would have been for most of his class. It was that of Christ and the woman of Samaria — and he went about it the ordinary, conventual way — Stating what would have been the conduct of a Pharisee, in like place. Bestowing praise and commendation in Him for humility &c. Praise is

Rights: NoC-US

Place: United States
New York

Dates: 1849-11-07

Type(s): Diary

Maker/Creator: Gunn, Thomas Butler, 1826-1903

Subjects: Boardinghouses
19th century
Rain and rainfall
Drinking of alcoholic beverages
Presbyterian Church


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