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Mrs. Jane Loy Autograph Book, 1881-1885

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Identifier: A2967

Title: Mrs. Jane Loy Autograph Book, 1881-1885


Autograph book includes autographs and notes of friends and family. The following are among those who wrote notes to Mrs. Jane Loy or signed the book: niece Minnie, Eureka, August 23, 1881; niece Ella Loy, Eureka, Kansas, August 20, 1881; Robt. Loy [Robert Loy], Eureka, Kansas, August 23, 1881; Jennie Loy (Mrs. R. Loy), Eureka, Kansas, August 20; Allie J. Loy, Eureka, Kansas, August 23, 1881; niece Annie, Eureka, August 20, 1881; John G. Loy, Eureka, Kansas, August 23, 1881; Mrs. Bland, Eureka, Kansas; husband, Jno. Loy [John Loy]; Mrs. Thos. Noble [Mrs. Thomas Noble], September 3, 1882; Tonny Loy, Todds Points, Shelby County, Illinois, October 8, 1882; A. H. Thompson, Ivanpah, Kansas; E. P. Thompson, Ivanpah, Kansas; Emma Atkinson, Todds Point, October 3; friend Jessie, Carondelet, October 30, 1882; Carrie Rabenau, Marshfield, Mo., March 6, 1883; Lulie Deibel [Leslie Deibel?], St. Louis, March 11, 1883; Polly Rawlings, Eureka, Kansas, June 1882; L. T. Ancell[?], August 27, 1883; Mrs. B. Upper, Buffalo, August 2, 1884; Chas. O. Upper [Charles O. Upper], Buffalo, August 3, 1884; Carrie Lesser, St. Louis, September 1, 1885; Annie Tucker, Hannibal, Mo., March 2, 1883; Thos. H. Bradshaw [Thomas H. Bradshaw], Jacksonville, Mo., August 5, 1883; Mrs. Dennis, Cairo, Mo., August 27; Nettie Upper, August 3, 1884; Mamie T. Rosborough, St. Louis, April 28, 1883; cousin Maggie, Buffalo, August 16, 1884; Lincoln K. Loy, St. Louis, October 9, 1882; and C. J. Donovan, Buffalo, New York, August 4, 1884.

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Cite as: Mrs. Jane Loy Autograph Book, Missouri History Museum Archives, St. Louis.

Rights: UND


Dates: 1881-1885

Type(s): Album, Autograph

Maker/Creator: Loy, Ella

Subjects: Women


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