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Loving Cup Sent to Charles Lindbergh

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Identifier: 1928-076-0022

Title: Loving Cup Sent to Charles Lindbergh

Description: Large silver loving cup sent to Charles Lindbergh from the people of Reading, Pennsylvania to commemorate Lindbergh's historic New York to Paris flight. The steel for the Wright Whirlwind Engine, used in Lindbergh's plane, came from the Carpenter Steel Company in Reading. Consequently the people of the city felt a strong tie to Lindbergh's feat. Contribution boxes were set up through various businesses in town from May 26 to June 7, 1927, and people were urged to donate only small change so that everyone would feel a part of the gift. They collected $119.09 by the end of the day June 7th. By July 15th it was decided the gift would take the shape of a loving cup. Once it was made the mayor sent a letter to Lindbergh requesting he visit Reading. Lindbergh never went to Reading.The large silver loving cup with lid; winged figure serves as finial; three eagles with spread wings surround bottom; engraved image of Spirt of St. Louis right below neck; angular handle on each side; raised laurel wreaths around top, middle and bottom, was eventually sent ot St. Louis.

Rights: UND


Dates: 1927

Type(s): Cup, Loving




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