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Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries: Volume 2, page 10, October 27-30, 1850

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Identifier: DX09726865

Title: Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries: Volume 2, page 10, October 27-30, 1850

Description: Discusses his new job working for Charles Frederick Anderson, an architect.


which there is no need to elaborate into set phrase, as they are understood instinctively. Finally, rocked by the undulations of her [Mary Bilton’s] dear bosom, to sink to repose, with her sweet lips murmuring over me.

28. Monday. First day of my relapse into Slavery, since Danthornian days. Off through the fresh, sunny, cold, exhilarating morning to Park Place and [Charles F.] Anderson’s. Arrived there Mr A biddeth me hang up my hat, and ever after to keep close counsel as to the architectural doings which take place in his Office; finally to fall to work on a modification and improvement and bedevilification of the Capitol at Washington, whereat I am engaged all the day. Verily this Irishman is a quare divel, and a good humored one. He gave me a direction with the most outrageous comic phiz, one eye closed knowingly, and a foot in the air, once. Day passed rapidly, spite of my thinking of freedom.

29. Tuesday. Office, as I used to put down in Bezleylian times. A perfect levee of patlanders, in consequence of an advertisement for masons — Got $2 per day, fine times for manual labour. Anderson has got the Baltimore job, as well as the Blackwells Island [now Roosevelt Island] one, no luck for Mr [Henry] Hart. Very busy all day. Anderson’s boy [Fred Anderson] smart and sassy. Mr Mack [word crossed out], a well meaning craythurx, an sure he’s a brogue, now. Evening fumigating imbibing and vocalizing with [Charles] Brown and [Alfred] Waud. All the day in a hurry.

30. Wednesday. Office. Unwell, head ache and indigestion. Anderson in high good humor, narrating stories of the Marquis of Waterford [Henry Beresford]. An Irishman has an intense kind of drollery in him, we Saxons are slow to them. Called at [Wardle] Corbyn’s after diner, in consequence of a requisition to that effect. Talk of a job. Baudoin hath finished the masheene picture, I pay him, leaving myself dollar less. Pray Heaven [Thomas] Picton cashes up for it duly. Evening Frank Royal calleth, and I go with him to Deans in Chatham Street. There the evening, sketching burly goldbeater and receiving instructions about writing a letter for insertion in the Tribune

[footnote] x Mac don’t like the Saxon though and like a true Celt, never forgets injury, but broods on it. June, 1851.

Rights: NoC-US


Dates: 1850-10-27

Type(s): Diary

Maker/Creator: Gunn, Thomas Butler, 1826-1903

Subjects: Architecture
Roosevelt Island (New York, N.Y.)
United States Capitol (Washington, D.C.)


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