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Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries: Volume 14, page 49, October 1860 [newspaper clipping]

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Identifier: DX01319024

Title: Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries: Volume 14, page 49, October 1860 [newspaper clipping]

Description: Article from the New Yorl World by Gunn regarding a visit of the Prince of Wales, the future Edward VII of Great Britain, to the United States.



His [Prince of Wales’s] Attendants.

[newspaper clipping continued]

figure, the marks of time prominent in his face and gray hair, he [Earl St. Germans] is far from the most prepossessing person in appearance of the attendants upon his lordship. His office as high steward places him next to a duke of the realm in rank.


Short, pertly, hair curling quite luxuriantly, and a slight moustache on the upper lip, are the prominent exterior characteristics of Lord Hinchinbroke. He is polished in manners, and the most jocose man of the party.


This is the name and titular designation of the tutor to his lordship. He supervises the studies of his lordship at Oxford University. He is a very handsome man, and, saving his lordship, commands more the eyes of the ladies than any of the suite. He is tall, with iron gray hair and side whiskers and moustache, and looks the accomplished scholar and soldier that he is. He rode in the second carriage in the procession.


From his long sojourn at Washington, as minister from Great Britain to our government, the appearance of Lord Lyons has become too well known to require extended description. He is dark complexioned, compactly built, and wears no whiskers. He rode in the carriage with General Bruce.


Sir Henry Holland, the queen’s physician; the Marquis of Chandos; Dr. Ackland, his lordship’s professor at Oxford; Major Teasdale and Capt. Gray, his lordship’s equerries; Hon. Mr. Eliot, son of Earl St. Germans; with several secretaries and servants comprise the remainder of the royal party.

Sir Henry Holland is a mild, pleasant featured man, and carries a doctorial staff. The Marquis of Chados is a middle aged, well dressed, and gentlemanly looking person, of marked, agreeable air, and pleasing conversation. Dr. Ackland is tall, stout built, with heavy light side whiskers, and prominent and high forehead. He wore light clothes, and over-coat with cape. His lordship’s equerries are both military looking men, and are characterized by dashing military costumes and pleasing and captivating address. Hon. Mr. Eliot, like his father, is tall and thin, with light hair and full show of whiskers.


While in the depot his lordship had been waited upon by Governor Morgan’s aids, before mentioned, bidding him welcome to the State of New York. Immediately on his stepping on board the Harriet Lane, he was received by General Scott, Mr. Peter Cooper, and the committee, shaking hands very cordially with them. In saluting Lord Renfrew Mr. Cooper expressed his satisfaction at seeing him in a country which he (Mr. Cooper) trusted would long remain like the one whose royalty he represented, “the land of the free and the home of the brave,” which compliment was received very pleasantly.

Proceeding to the upper part of the boat, where most of the company were presented to him, his lordship and suite mingled with their entertainers, General Scott taking the lead in doing the honors to the royal guest. At 12 o’clock precisely the Harriet Lane steamed off on the return to New York.


Within five minutes after the start the royal party seated themselves for the collation. As the screen of flags had been removed, a fair view was obtained by all present. Collector Schell presided at the head of the table, and on his left sat Lord Renfrew; beside him General Scott; next to him the Duke of Newcastle; and in order, the Earl of St. Germans, Luther Bradish, General Bruce, and the rest of the royal suite and committee. At Mr. Schell’s right hand, on the other side of the. . . .

coverage:New York, New York, Cliff Street; Franklin Square; Pearl Street

Rights: NoC-US


Dates: 1860-10

Type(s): Diary

Maker/Creator: Gunn, Thomas Butler, 1826-1903

Subjects: Food


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