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Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries: Volume 2, page 163, August 26-27, 1851

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Identifier: DX01041291

Title: Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries: Volume 2, page 163, August 26-27, 1851

Description: Describes a mob protesting the events in Cuba.


Park, there to attend the Second Indignation Meeting apropos of the Cuban affair. A hastily constructed platform, crowded, and a dense crowd on the City Hall steps. Divers flags of small size about, and a band of music, assuredly earning their money. The rowdy-demagogue, — Astor-place rooting,— Abolition-meeting disturbing ruffian [Isaiah] Rynders the notable speaker of the evening. His oratory consisted but of sentiment to violence against the Spanish newspaper La Cronica here published, hyperbolic-vulgar laudation of the rash unfortunate fellow who have been done to death; and exhortation to the tar-and-feathering of [Allen F.] Owen the American Consul at Havana, for non interference. There was much yelling of applause, chiefly I noted by youngsters of the Short boy genus. One ludicrous incident chanced. An excited Celt, on Rynders denunciation of the Concul kept bawling at intervals “He’s no American!” “He’s the son of an Englishman!” Where on the doughty Rynders concieved somewhat averse to his demagoguism was intimated, denounced his interrupter as base, recreant, soulless, defender of Spanish Tyranny, &c., wherethrough the Anglo-phobic Celt was incontinently yelled out of the assemblage. Those around him joining in the clamor! Speech-making over, the procession forming, marched in great array adown Nassau Street, [words crossed out], up Fulton and into Broadway; increasing as is the want with a crowd at every step, till an immense assemblage of some five thousand or more, (I think papers say 50) were following up Broadway. Cries were roused, “to Cedar Street,” (where is the office of “La Cronica,”) and had they then proceeded thither I think there would have been a row. Marched on the crowd, up Broadway, groaning at the Hotel where abides the Spanish Ambassador; till on coming to Grand Street, I [words crossed out] went to [174] Mulberry Street. The boys Fred & Edward [Greatbatch] had been mong the crowd also. Sate awhile, conversing with Mr [Joseph] Greatbatch and Mary Anne [Greatbatch], then left & quietly to bed.

27. Wednesday. To [John B.] Holmes, to Castle Garden, to Nassau Street. Talking with [Thomas W.] Strongs, Engraver Gulick addressed me, he being on a visit from Boston and [Frederick] Gleasonian employ. Evilly speaketh he of Charley Brown. Afternoon to French’s, (after some drawing head-gear for [John N.] Genin.) French saith Gleason will use drawing & needeth some

Rights: NoC-US

Place: United States

Dates: 1851-08-26

Type(s): Diary

Maker/Creator: Gunn, Thomas Butler, 1826-1903

Subjects: Irish
International relations
Speeches, addresses, etc
Politics and government
Castle Garden (New York, N.Y.)


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