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Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries: Volume 9, page 133, April 26-28, 1858

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Identifier: DX03527284

Title: Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries: Volume 9, page 133, April 26-28, 1858

Description: Describes a letter received from his half-sister Mary Anne Greatbatch.


brutal Democracy — he [James Parton] admires success too much, that’s where the flaw lies — talk as though anybody who couldn't live without sympathy or affection or happiness were contemptible. When Fanny [Fern] reminded him of his own, often, exceeding need of it. I hope [Robert] Gun may prove a good, likeable fellow, as I'm predisposed to think. Just now, I don't know whether I haven't a greater liking for [William] Leslie, rough Scotchman as he is, than for any man in this house. One can't care for those who don't care for you. Leslie is away in Philadelphia, now. And it's considerably past midnight. So, for a look at Hannah [Bennett]'s portrait, and bed!

27. Tuesday. To 11th Street. Found [Frank] Bellew had moved yesternight. Called at [E.H.] Dixon's to get sketch of him. Return. Drawing. Down town in the afternoon. A dull, cold, brooding day, threatening snow. Phonography &c at night.

28. Wednesday. To Davis' gilder's shop: down town: saw [Frank] Pounden: Pic Office &c. Return. A letter from Mary Anne [Greatbatch], and a very confused one too, all about her affairs and position. She is boarding, having apparently given up all notion of farming, and the boys are "hiring out." A separate letter contains information mysteriously hinted at in the last, — that Fred [Greatbatch] is self-willed, seems to have no affection for his mother or brother [Edward Greatbatch], wants to "boss it" over everybody &c — and this during his father [Joseph Greatbatch]'s life. "I consider" writes Mary Anne "that he trampled me under foot." / Phonography at night. Apropos of the recent [John] Darcie & [Bernard] Ullman row, it's pretty well understood that Darcie's enmity proceeds from personal spite against the Opera Lessee. They were, after a fashion, partners once, Darcie having control of the sale of the Books of the operas played in the theatre. [George] Wilkes, his

Rights: NoC-US

Place: United States
New York

Dates: 1858-04-26

Type(s): Diary

Maker/Creator: Gunn, Thomas Butler, 1826-1903

Subjects: Boardinghouses
19th century
Bohemians (New York artistic and literary movement)


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