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Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries: Volume 10, page 76, January 13-15, 1859

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Identifier: DX03262068

Title: Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries: Volume 10, page 76, January 13-15, 1859

Description: Comments on the American sense of humor.


In the new pic office, Broadway, at [Frank] Bellew's instigation they've exposed sundry burlesque curiosities as the brick and cudgel with which two Washington senators assaulted one another; the potato which a man, who has figured absurdly in a recent lo divorce case, threw at his wife; Douglas' shirt after a "stumping" campaign — a wretchedly tattered article, almost nothing but front and sleeves. (Last my suggestion.) Well, as a rule the general public regard them with most edifying gravity. Recently a gigantic bone from some geologic beast has been added, labeled as some extraordinary named toe-joint appertaining to a skeleton, which two rascally "Spiritualist" doctors fable to have been mysteriously transported, by supernatural agency from Hartford to New York. Well, this doesn’t provoke a smile. Instance No 2. [Jesse] Haney's Nic-nax, full of Bellew's pretty, kindly, funny, exquisitely humorous drawings — meets with very, very limited success. I'm sure Englishmen love to laugh more and are a thousand fold better audience. The American Eagle is a dull bird for everything but dollars.

14. Friday. Office, editorializing till 2, and writing till midnight. Haney over to Brooklyn as wont.

15. Saturday. Office, hard at work till 2 or later, writing like blazes. [Charles F.] Briggs came in; had a chat with him. To Pic Office & with [Frank] Wood (not Frank Leslie's Wood) looking for Bellew, unsuccessfully. Then up-town,

Rights: NoC-US


Dates: 1859-01-13

Type(s): Diary

Maker/Creator: Gunn, Thomas Butler, 1826-1903

Subjects: Spiritualism


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