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Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries: Volume 7, page 104, no date [newspaper clipping]

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Identifier: DX03898504

Title: Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries: Volume 7, page 104, no date [newspaper clipping]

Description: Lists the names of Americans in Paris, including T.B. Gunn.


Americans in Paris.

The following names of Americans have been inscribed on the public registers since the date of our last :

B. Lilton, Nashville. — J. Ross. — H. Pottier, New-Orleans. — A. Winterhoff, New-Y. — P. Hoffmann and family, New-Y. — J. C. Mercer, Phil. — E. Pratt, Balt. — A. Lilly, Balt. — Mrs A. M. Ware, New-Y. — C. Chapin, Mass. — F. Cheney, Conn. — A. K. P. Cooper, Boston. — H. Smith, Phil. — E. B. Morgan, New-Y. B. Pringle, N.-Y. — C. Huntington, New-O. — G. Grow, Pennsyl. — W. Richards, New-Y, — B. R. Alden and family, Pennsyl. — A. V. Davis, La. — Col. E. Hewbings, Phil. — W. E. Lehman, Phil. — S. Masury, Boston. — F. Peters, Phil. — W, A. Martin, S. Ca. L. Bonnefous and family. — S. Keamy. — S. Hastings, New-Y. — O. Choate, New-Y. — A. W. Clason, New-Y. — W. H. Heydecker, New-Y. — B. Howland, New-Y. — H. Powell, New-Y. — J. C. M Furtish. — M. G. Wing, Albany. — H. Gerstlй, New-Y. — T. B. Gunn, New-Y. — F. A. Brewer, Mass. — F. Sheneck P. Bissinger, New-Y. J. H. Rogers, New-Y. — E. White, Phil. — C. Randall, New-Y. — J. Harjes, Phil. — G. Taylor, New-Y. — W. H. Platt, New-Y. — M. and Miss Delano, New-Y. — J. G. Cameron, New-Y. — D. Miller, New-Y. — H. K. Corning and family.


Printed by A. BLONDEAU, 26, rue du Petit-Carreau, Paris.

Rights: NoC-US



Type(s): Diary

Maker/Creator: Fleischmann, Charles L.

Subjects: Travel


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