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Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries: Volume 6, page 25, July 17-19, 1853

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Identifier: DX04053634

Title: Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries: Volume 6, page 25, July 17-19, 1853

Description: Describes an evening visiting the Kidders at Beach Street, flirting with Lotty and seeing her baby.

my beard and defied me. I retaliated, voiced penalty on her [Charlotte Kidder’s] lips. My asking for “that neglected juvenile” [Frederick Whytal] set her running off, returning with the baby. She held him up to me, her curls nestling against the innocent baby face. I bent my head and kissed her soft, sweet, warm mouth, — which was not withdrawn; and then kissed the child. The room was in partial shade, the lamp being in the adjoining one, — I don’t think the others saw it. / Presently in came Mrs K [Rebecca Kidder], the child was fetched away by handmaiden, and we talked. She, much about slackness of business &c (I s’pose as an intimation that I mustn’t expect the borrowed $20 yet.) Left at 10 1/2, Gordon preceding me a few minutes; Lotty going to the door & having talk with me, on quitting. / Found [Alfred] Waud, Mr [Henry] Hart, Etting [Solomon Eytinge], Dillon [Mapother] & Yatman at Erfords, sat awhile, and walked to the Ferry with Mr Hart.

18. Monday. Down town to breakfast. Back. [Charles] Welden called. Out with him to Greenwich Street, he in quest of a Teutonic female for servant. Parted, and I to “Times” Office. Saw [Henry J.] Raymond, and gave him article. Room [290 Broadway] and drawing in desultory, heated sleepy, matagrabolized manner. (Mr Hart had dined with me at Erfords, prese) Down town at 6. Returning, being in [Alfred] Swinton’s Room, Welden came, with tickets for Niagara Panorama; exhibiting this night for first time. So with Dillon, Mr Hart, and Waud to Hope Chapel, to see it. Very many views, pretty good. Erford’s after.

19. Tuesday. Down town. Drawing, dinner, with Swinton, drawing again. Down town. Evening went to sup at Erford’s, Waud accompanying. Mr Hart came, then Yatman, but the

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Dates: 1853-07-17

Type(s): Diary

Maker/Creator: Gunn, Thomas Butler, 1826-1903

Subjects: Diaries


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