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Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries: Volume 8, page 206, July 12-17, 1857

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Identifier: DX03781969

Title: Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries: Volume 8, page 206, July 12-17, 1857

Description: Regarding the success of his book, The Physiology of New-York Boarding Houses.


praising it and talking enviously — as it seemed — of the probable profits.

[13. Monday through 17. Friday] I don’t like New York any the better for my past week of country pleasure. It's blazing hot weather, and evil odors abound. Down town each morning to attend to miscellaneous matters. The book goes well, and the Masons are printing a second edition. Had a row with Dan Mason again — about their Websterizing my English. (They had all the electrotype plates altered, words punched out in order to effect "theater," "rickety" &c — which, I am glad to know, must have cost them something. Their reason is, of course, that they publish Webster's Dictionary.) Dan is, without exaggeration, a most insufferable arrogant beast, and seems to try riding the high-horse over every body. Most of the papers have noticed the book very favorably — nearly all the weekly ones extracting chapters. Only two have (as yet) pitched into it, the "Express"and "Albion." The former vilification was written by a Mrs Eller — who once produced a trashy play yclept the "Slave Actress" which Doesticks [Mortimer Thomson] pitched into and damned by a burlesque account in the Tribune. It was played but one, or two nights. Hence the lady — conceiving that I belong to the Picayune — walked into my book and the paper over my shoulders. I rather relish it and didn't feel a grain of annoyance on its perusal. The Albion dispraise is trite. Frank Leslie wants me to write him an article, weekly, to be illustrated by Howard. Did him one on Tuesday night.

Rights: NoC-US


Dates: 1857-07-12

Type(s): Diary

Maker/Creator: Gunn, Thomas Butler, 1826-1903

Subjects: Authors
Publishers and publishing


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