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Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries: Volume 10, page 173 [newspaper clipping], no date

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Identifier: DX03340871

Title: Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries: Volume 10, page 173 [newspaper clipping], no date

Description: Newspaper clipping describing Robert Bonner, including two engravings of him.


[Gunn’s note] [Robert] Bonner, but lacking his characteristic expression, that of jovial egotism and self-assurance. His hair is thinner too, on the top of his head.

—A writer in The Richmond Enquirer thus describes the personal appearance of Mr. Robert Bonner, the editor and proprietor of The Ledger: "In person he is about the medium height; his build is that of a man who knows the value of developing his muscles by exercise in the fresh air; his dorid complexion has the unmistakable hue of health; his hair is fair, and somewhat closely trimmed, revealing a high, expansive brow and finely shaped head. He wears neither beard nor moustache; his eyes, though not large, are clear, brilliant, and remarkably full of intelligence; their color is either dark blue or hazel. About his pleasant mouth there is a mirthful curve that breaks into frequent smiles; kindly good humor seems the dominant expression of his face. He might easily pass for under 30, but is in reality a few years older. His manners are peculiarly simple, unaffected and genial. Without the slightest appearance of pretension, he is perfectly self-possessed; his conversation impresses you immediately with his energy, intellectuality, clear sightedness and shrewdness, and you feel astonished at finding no bombast, no inflated vanity, no supercilious complacency in a self-made man, who has fought his way to a pinnacle of public favor that might well make the brain dizzy."

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Type(s): Diary


Subjects: Diaries


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