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Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries: Volume 12, page 137, April 3, 1860

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Identifier: DX02925596

Title: Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries: Volume 12, page 137, April 3, 1860

Description: Describes a scene at Pfaff's.



At Pfaff’s.

[Arthur] Ledger at the “Optimus” at 11 or later they must needs see him to the Everett, dropping into numerous taverns by the way. At Pfaff’s they encountered [Frank] Wood (poor-young-man Wood) [Fitz James] O’Brien and [George] Arnold, the latter very drunk. O’Brien was tacitly insolent and offensive on [Frank] Cahill’s appearance. (He wants to fasten a quarrel on him, supposing him his physical inferior, consequently an easy victory. Indeed he has always entertained a Celtic grudge against Cahill since the sparring-match at Hoboken, on the day of our pic-nic, when Cahill had rather the better of it, to the openly expressed satisfaction of everybody.) But nothing came of it, last night, beyond a little chaff at O’B’s expense. After he and Wood had drank at Ledger’s cost, they assumed the supercilious and the former wanted to know in a side whisper, who that was? As Ledger is quite capable of thrashing both of ‘em, perhaps it’s as well he didn’t hear the inquiry. Cahill and [N.G.] Shepherd got home at about 3, both drunk. In-doors all the afternoon till sunset, then in Washington Square with Cahill. [George] Boweryem, [James] Morris, Cahill and Pat Phillips up in my room after tea; a bottle of champagne purveyed by the former. To Bartow’s by 9. Miss [Olive] Waite, [Sarah] Maguire and Ledger there. Stayed till 11.

coverage:New York, New York, Church Street

Rights: NoC-US


Dates: 1860-04-03

Type(s): Diary

Maker/Creator: Gunn, Thomas Butler, 1826-1903

Subjects: Bohemians (New York artistic and literary movement)


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