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Letter signed John and Sally Kesterson, Solano, Cal., to Joseph [Joseph Kesterson], October 19, 1864

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Identifier: D04990

Title: Letter signed John and Sally Kesterson, Solano, Cal., to Joseph [Joseph Kesterson], October 19, 1864


Comments on family news and their thoughts on the war.

Transcription: Solano Cal October 19th 1864

Dear Joseph we received your Letter on the 13th of Oct and was glad to hear from you we are sorrow to hear you say that you never expected to get well we must Live in hope if we die in dispair we thank you very much for the books and we can Learn some news in them about the war and how priserns[?] is used O war is a awfull thing it presses on the people every where all things is high here and taxes is 3 dollars and 25 cet on the hundred Johns taxes was 30dollars the people did not make thire taxes this year and it is yet dry we aught to have rain the time of the year has come for rain and non yet I expect you are glad to see your family you will hardly know your children they have growed so we got a letter from home and they was all well Elizabeth lives on the old cale cambells place and we got a Letter from Mary McCormack and she has lost two children and old aunt Linny is dead and your father said that he that worse times was comeing in Missouri than ever was there it will bee awf awfull it is pressing times ever where famine in one place and ware in another place Joseph John would Like to see you and talk with you but he says he is affraid he will never have the pleasure on this earth unless you when you get out of services you move to this country tell your children that there aunt uncle would like to see them I would not know your little Mary Jane and the rest we never seen except the oldr boy Joseph it shoes that you ever bear us in mind by your Letters ever now and then John comes home with a letter from you John says perhaps you neve[never?] new his sentiments on polticks he says he is a hole souled union man there is agreat meny sesesion in this country and if war was to ever brak out here we would have truble with guerillas for here is mountains for them to hid in and they would Just pitch out on the people and kill and rob and stell and fly for there hiden place your Letter was wrote on the 3 of august and we never got it untill the 13th of oct. those Lines leaves us all well wich we may thank the Lord for his mercies un us well there is a great Many emgrents come in this fall and the times is hard and I dont see what they will do but there is away provied[provided] they will not starve I dont think Joseph if we could see each other we could talk over old times When these Lines you read Remember us though we bee many miles from you we have the privelige of writing to each other and Learning each others wellfar bee faithfull to the end and a crown of life we shall have we augh to live so that we might Meet each other in that world where war and trubles is no more

Joseph tell us how glad you was to see your Family and if they got there all safe or not John says he will remember you as his Brother and you must write to us So Farewell Dear Brother and Sister

From your Brother and Sister

John kesterson and sally k

to Joseph and Margret


Rights: NoC-US

Place: United States

Dates: 1864-10-19

Type(s): Letter

Maker/Creator: Kesterson, Sally

Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865


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