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Letter signed Thomas Bevel, St. Louis, Mo., to John, July 1, 1863

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Identifier: D04625

Title: Letter signed Thomas Bevel, St. Louis, Mo., to John, July 1, 1863


Mentions escorting paroled Union prisoners, who were taken at Champion Hill near Vicksburg, to Camp Chase near Columbus. Comments on the victory of African American troops in Virginia.

Transcription: St Louis. Mo. July .1. / 1863

Old Friend. John.

This Morning with pleasure .I. seat My self to drop to you A few. lines in answer to your very kind and interesting Letter whitch I had the pleasure of receiving some Time since..I. hope that these few imperfect lines Will be read with Pleasure by you and All the Regs of Your Camp. who .I. am Acquainted with. this leaves My-self And Brother, harvey, in good health hopeing it May find your self and Camp in the same. John you will please Excuse Me for My long delay of writeing to you. for it was out Of My power to do so sooner.. .I. have ben on detached duty For the last week. .I. was detailed to go to Columbus Ohio. with some. Prisnors when .I. say Prisoner .I. mean Union Men who were taken at Champion Hill Near Vicks-Burg[Vicksburg] and Parolled.. Gen Grant sent them to this place and then They were ordered to Camp Close Near Columbus .Ohio. We had A nice trip and A fine ride it was A perfect Pleasure trip to us who have ben here in this God Forsaken Place. called St Louis, we started with 42. and Arrived their with .31, some of them Lived Near Indianapolis .Ind, and when we changed carrs the[y] Left. .I. think they did just right and did as .I. would have done if I had ben at Vicks-Burg[Vicksburg] for almost two years as they have,

They all aught to have done it,

John .I. have No News More than what .I. presume you already know, Vicks-Burg[Vicksburg] is Not yet taken and .I. Think it wont be until they get A few More Western Troops in the front of the enemy as usal[?], and its Huram[?] for the Grand Army of the East, My opinion is that the .23. will go south soon I think they are Making preperations for it Now. I hope it will to Vicks-Burg[Vicksburg].

We will get pay to-morrow then we will be Lousy with greene Backs in stead of gray Backs,

I will get .26. dols Monthly pay and .29. dols [word unclear] of Rations while in Dixey. Also .23.45 of A Mistake that was Mad in My March pay-ment.

I forgot to tell you of A grand Victory we Achieved in Virginia Last week. I have Not as yet Learned the particulars of it but it was A Glorious Victory No doubt. .I. am happy to state it was gained By the African Race Call the Nigger. They faught Glorious and Valiant Huram[?] for the Niggers. And Good Sam A Man that want, that is My Ticket in fall, .I. am for the Union if it Frees every Nigger on the globe, .I. am in this Regt. For 3 years .I. have 14 Months yet to serve and Then .I. intend to Enlis[t] in the Marine Regular Service for the term of five years [word unclear] during the War .I. call My self one of Lincolns Soldiers for during The War if .I. don’t get killed,

.I. will Now tell you about our .camp. we have A Nice Camp. and it is always filled with fair ones of the Earth. both decent and .indecent. some of these venimus[venomous?] old hoars of the City comes out to see us but Not Often. because they are Not allowed. Some Nice youngs Ladyes comes and takes tea with us of evenings. We have Nice clean cooks. to cook for us. they are white women. Government gives us 4 to A company. And pays them ten .dolr. A Month, we expect to have A Nice time on the 4 of July two Balloons is going up one at 8 oclock in the Morning the other at 4 in the Evening. the one in the Morning is to take up A horse and rider. to the upper regins. the one in the Evening To take up Jefferson. D. he wishes to consult the old Man on the condition of the Confedracy weather to give It up and let Lincoln take it or wheather to devastate the whole contry.

.I. will Now close as I have already wearied your kind patience. .I. am affraid My letter will Not .Interest you Much, but if it dosent please take the will...

Rights: NoC-US

Place: United States
St Louis

Dates: 1863-07-01

Type(s): Letter

Maker/Creator: Bevel, Thomas

Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Vicksburg (Miss.)
Siege, 1863
Prisoners of war
African American soldiers
Armed Forces
African Americans


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