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Letter signed John and Sally Kesterson to their brother Joseph [Joseph Kesterson], July 1864

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Identifier: D05197

Title: Letter signed John and Sally Kesterson to their brother Joseph [Joseph Kesterson], July 1864


Relates war and family news. Mentions a drought.

Transcription: July [paper torn, word missing] 1864

our Much Beloved brother Joseph we received your welcome Letter a few days ago and was sorrow to hear that you think your Lungs is effected it is hard to have to go to war and loose your heath Joseph it is a fine thing that your time flys so swifly by it appears that if I was their away from them that I held most dear the time would be twice as long We are all tolerable well at present I have a Little boy 3 or 4 weeks old. Johns eyes still stays weak yet it looks like he will go blind sometimes he can’t[?] see to read 2 minutes at a time John says you might get a fourlouh[furlough] and [word missing, paper torn] home and see your family Joseph John says to tell you it is heard times in this country we have not had no rain for 18[?] [words missing] worth[?] nameing and not one bushwhacker [word missing] him raised in this country fore miles and miles around here ever body has drove theire stock off to the Mountaines theire is no grass to be seen and every thing is high but I suppose we will get along some how there is always A way provied[provided] Joseph we would Like to Write to you every month but we would fail to entertain you with News of enny kind the times is so dull in this Country but we will write to you as Long as you will keep us posted about your where Abouts and will write to us we are all always glad to hear from you John says he would not know you with a [word missing] a half a foot long Joseph I am glad that you all pray to the Lord every Night fore now is a time that we ought to pray when truble is all around John has joined the [word missing] church too Months ago we [words missing] enny From the connection fore 6 months your father sends us a News paper called the Lexinton[Lexington] union and we get a good deal of news through them ad we can learn that our old Neighbourhood is all torn up and great many people killed

John says he dont know nothing about War and he says he has no great Anxiety to know for I think it is a hard life to leed a soldiers life

dont forget to write you must look over mistakes and bad writing for the children is a bothering me John sends his Love to you so Farewell

John and sally kesterson

Rights: NoC-US

Place: United States

Dates: 1864-07

Type(s): Letter

Maker/Creator: Kesterson, Sally

Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865


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