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Letter signed Wm. H. Kesterson, General Hospital, Springfield, Mo., to his brother Joseph Kesterson, St. Louis, Mo., February 17, 1864

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Identifier: D05195

Title: Letter signed Wm. H. Kesterson, General Hospital, Springfield, Mo., to his brother Joseph Kesterson, St. Louis, Mo., February 17, 1864


Discusses his health, war troubles, and family news.

Transcription: General Hospital

Springfield Mo February the 17th 1864

Dear Brother I take my pen in hand to inform you that yore letter of the 12th came to hand this day and I was glad to hear that yore health was some better than when you wrote before I am fat and saucy and feel as independent as a pig on ice and hope that when this comes to hand you may be in the same fix I have nothing of interest to write I have a letter from father since I wrote last he was some better he said the doctor said that if he would take good care of himself when warm weather come he would get better I hope that he shall for I do not want to see him again so very bad the bushwhackers are as thick as ever our boys killed four some days before he wrote Bill Hearlston was one of them I hope they will kill the last devil of them I have not wrote to my wife to stay where she is a while longer if she can stay there in any peace it is better than to move to town that is the worst place a family can go to I dont know but I will go up to Lexington this spring if I stay here and I espect to stay here some time yet as I have not heard anything more of the Invalids I suppose that they have played out or got lost in the mud or some thing of that sort and I shant be much sory if they dont come I aught to be well satisfied here but it seems as if I cant and I wish that I was away and then I get so that I dont care where I am untill my time is out then I want to get somewhere where I can live in peace with my wife and children and where I can give them good schooling that will be my main object when I get out of the service is the schooling of them my wife says they are as fat as pigs as talk about me all the time you can guess whether I want to see them or not I am sory to hear that you are not likely to get a discharge but you have not got a great while to serve at any rate that is some consolation I begin to feel like I would be free some time again although nine months is a good while yet every thing must have an end and I shall be glad to see the end of our time for serving uncle Sam come to an end I hope the end of this war is close at hand but I fear it will be a long time yet and if you dont wach you will loose yore bet on peace being made by the first of May well Brother I dont know as I have anything more that will be of interest to you I hope that I shall see you again but when that will ever be the lord only knows but I hope that through gods mercy it wont be long yet life is very uncertain and then the dread of the future hangs heavily on my mind some times and dashes what little worldly pleasure I see away from me my concience tells me that all is not right and that a change is nesesary to my happiness in this world and in the one to come I think a great deal of this of of late I attend church every sunday and sunday night and prear[prayer] meeting a thursday night at the church up in town there is as good a preacher preaches there as ever I heard we have a chaplain here he preaches every sunday but I dont go to hear him I dont like him for I dont believe he has any more religen than I have I supose that there is some good ones in the army but I have never seen one of them well I will come to close excuse my bad writing and write soon so farewell dead Brother I remain yores afescionate Brother until death

Wm H Kesterson to

Jospeh Kesterson St. Louis


Rights: NoC-US

Place: United States

Dates: 1864-02-17

Type(s): Letter

Maker/Creator: Kesterson, William H. H., -1883

Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Armed Forces


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