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Petition of members of the Missouri General Assembly, Jefferson City, Missouri, to President Lincoln, February 1863

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Identifier: D04494

Title: Petition of members of the Missouri General Assembly, Jefferson City, Missouri, to President Lincoln, February 1863


Requests that Lincoln appoint Frank P. Blair, Jr. as major general of volunteers.

Transcription: Jefferson City Mo

To his Excellency Abraham Lincoln

President of the United States

We members of the General Assembly of the State of Missouri which body is now in session, and representing as we do the Union men of the State respectfully memorealize you to confer on Gen Frank P. Blair now serving in the army before Vicksburg the rank of Major General of Volunteers irrespective of the claims or pretentions of others

Our reasons for thus addressing you, may be briefly stated as follows — To Gen Blair more than any other living man, must in our opinion be awarded the merit of converting Missouri into a thoroughly loyal State

Before your inauguration but when the signs of commotion and civil war, were perceptible in the political horizon he sounded the alarm, set the Union movement afoot and commenced the work of organization in St Louis, to counteract and overcome the secession projects of the state government and Legislature. He warned the leading Union men throughout the state of the coming danger, urging them to resist it and advising them how to do it successfully. In the darkest hours of the crisis, he inspired public sentiment with his own high resolve, and informed it at the same time of the true nature of the terrible calamity impending laboring day and night to that end, and with all classes of Union men, bitter political opponants included.

The early organizations which he created between the dates of your election and inauguration were the nuclei of Missouri’s splendid contingent of the national army. They ripened first into the Home Guards. the exploits of which under Gen Lyon and himself in the capture of Camp Jackson. the expulsion of a traitorous Executive and Legislature from this city which is the seat of Government, and the victory of Boonville[Booneville] will always attest the merits that force and shed lustre on the Union cause. The Missouri volunteers emanated from the Home Guards. and the achievements and sacrifice of the former in the field, from the day of Wilson’s Creek to the still more bloody day of Vicksburg, need no mention or eulogy from us to make them known to you, and appreciated by you.

Later Gen Blair abandoned his seat in Congress to enter the army. He succeeded by his popularity and extraordinary exertions in raising six new regiments of three years Volunteers, one of them a Cavalry regiment. These added to the earlier regiments which he formed will show that he has directly placed from ten to twelve thousand men, as brave troops as any in the service. beneath the flag of our country. He proceeded at the head of a brigade to join the Mississippi River expidition. His conduct at the battle of Vicksburg won the applause of the army and the public, and gave proof of his capacity for command as well as his soldierly qualities. These considerations appeal to us so strongly that we ask you in whose sense of equity we confide to promote Gen Blair, nor suffer him to be put aside in the event of clashing claims of candidates for the rank of Major General.

We have the honor to be

Very Respectfully



To his Excellency

Abraham Lincoln

President of the United States

The undersigned members of the General Assembly of the State of Missouri, now in session in the city of Jefferson, having observed for many years the loyal devotion of Brigadier General Francis P. Blair, jr., as evinced in the councils of the nation and the battle fields of our State, and elsewhere; — and satisfied that conferring on him a higher grade of military rank will be conducive to the suppression of the rebellion and the restoration of the Union of the States, would earnestly recommend that the rank of Major General be conferred upon him.

The ability...

Rights: NoC-US

Place: United States

Dates: 1863-02

Type(s): Petition

Maker/Creator: Missouri. General Assembly. House of Representatives

Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Armed Forces
Politics and government


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