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Letter signed J.B. Tallman, Springfield, to his brother Jerry W. Tallman, November 10, 1862

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Identifier: D06691

Title: Letter signed J.B. Tallman, Springfield, to his brother Jerry W. Tallman, November 10, 1862

Description: Discusses family news and the possible movements of his regiment. Includes envelope.

Transcription: Springfield Nov 10th 1862

Dear Brother

I received your’s on the 5th and also two from home one from Mat & Tom I was glad to hear from them again, and it relived my mind very much to know that they were getting along very well. They have Allens black boy Henry working for them. Mat says he works late and early, he better than myself. he is They’l do finely now

They got a letter from the Institution where Math is he had got a great deal better and had left the Institution and hired as waiter in a Hotel. he left in the evening and they did not find him until next morning they took him back and confined him. which made him some worse, but they had a lette[r] from the princible which stated that he was getting better.

I am still at Pleasant Retreat with the Capt. he expects to get a furlough home if so the Col said I could go home too. I think he will be able to go in a week or so it is very difficult to get furloughs but we may succeed. Sam Moore has gone back to his Company. Mr. Moore saw Col. Bowen in St Louis. he said if Sam would Come back of his own accord it would be all right. Sam went back he put him in the guardhouse, but Benteen hearing that he was in took him out so he is all right.

There is a movement on hand at present at this place. Some Say our Regt is to move but I do not know the fact of the mater There are no particular news here Genal Herren was in town yesterday. There is Some talk of our being placed in his Brigad again whether correct or not I cannot tell. Mat says that Father is going to write me his letter will be a good one. I thought I would get ahead of him so I wrote him yesterday

My compliments to all. Excuse this. I am in a hury having to go to camp this morning. Write soon

Your brother JB Tallman

Rights: NoC-US

Place: United States

Dates: 1862-11-10

Type(s): Letter

Maker/Creator: Tallman, John B.

Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Armed Forces


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