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Letter signed Mat [Mat Tallman], Oakhurst, to her brother Jerry W. Tallman, October 5, 1863

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Identifier: D06690

Title: Letter signed Mat [Mat Tallman], Oakhurst, to her brother Jerry W. Tallman, October 5, 1863

Description: Gives news on family and friends. Includes envelope.

Transcription: Oakhurst

Oct 5th 1863

My dear brother

Your letter enclosed in Han’s I received a few days ago, I think its is very strange you did not get my letter giving particulars about Math, I wrote to you Sept 7 I think, before Hanna, I wrote to John a week after he has received and answered his. I suppose it is laying at Springfield, I told John so send you his letter if you did not get yours, it is too harrowing to my feelings to write the same again, we have heard from him but once he was improving them, had become quite manageable It is strange we don’t hear they promised to write once a week they have a great deal of writing to do & perhaps the letters were miscarried if we don’t get a letter tomorrow Father will go down next week to see him, I miss him so much, I can’t realize that he is deranged, if he only gets well, he hates this place. I am afraid if he comes back it will make him worse, there is nothing to occupy or divert this mind. don’t say anything about his coming back when you write, I don’t want Mother to know that I have the least fear, just think Jery only two of us at home, I feel so badly sometimes, We received your letter containing the money. I am very much obliged indeed, Harper’s monthly is only $3. a year,

Jane Brown and Jane Tallman are going to school in Jefferson like it very well, Jerry Amos Scott is married to his cousin Hanna Hueston. you and John had better come home and propose for Matrimony, after that, that takes the “rag off the bush” in my estimation. what a fine lot of old maids this war will mak, why a gent can just have his pick and choice of the best of them they will be glad to take anybody (maybe). How does John Brown prosper? has his tongue grown loose yet? I suppose Springfield has not been attacted yet. it is Hindman’s forces that are going to make the attact.

Capt Long is fortifying Iberia, he has 20 or 25 secesh employed, I think it will be impregnable, or something else, I feel perfectly safe now,

We are going on as usual, nothing occurring except an occasional dog fight, in which Sigel always beautifully retreats under the table, You can not of course under the circumstances expect my letters so be long or interesting, All are well Mother sends much love to you, write as often as you can.

Your affectionate sister


Rights: NoC-US

Place: United States

Dates: 1863-10-05

Type(s): Letter

Maker/Creator: Tallman, Mat

Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865


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