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Letter fragment [of Osiah A. Moser] to his daughter, Rebecca, December 1-2, [1861-1863]

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Identifier: D06024

Title: Letter fragment [of Osiah A. Moser] to his daughter, Rebecca, December 1-2, [1861-1863]


Describes an incident in which his regiment fired upon Confederate gun boats.

Transcription: [no date]

Dec. 1st

It is nearly night, and I will write you a few lines, I am well to-day, We had quite an excitement a few hours ago, there were 3 secesh gun boats come up the river, and our batteries fired at them from the other side of the river, and they thought it best to retire, one of our gun boats went down to see what was the matter, but the excitement has subsided and all is going along as usual, they would have to bring a very large force to take this place, we have a good many large guns on the breast works, just think of a cannon, the hole of which is nearly large enough to let Pollys’ head. and then to hear the balls whistle when they fly thro’ the air. — Those gun boats are savage looking objects, they are so constructed that a cannon ball has no effect on them, they are covered over with thick sheet Iron, and when a ball strikes them it will glance.

Rebecca, I was much rejoiced in reading your letter and to hear that you take so much interest in doing the work & in getting along, and I hope you will get along some way or other, you may sometimes get cold hands — feet in doing the feeding, but remember your Father is bearing a good many hardships, to try to perpetuate the liberties you have always enjoyed, a soldiers life, is a hard one at best, I am enjoying it well. Do all you can to help Mother along and if I live to get back, I will bring you something nice.

I went out a few days a ago and gathered a fine chance of pecans, & I have a good time cracking and eating them, & while I was out I found a new pair of woolen gloves, which come in first rate play,

Tell Bro. Stiles to write to me, I have wrote 2 letters to him, and I would be glad to hear from him.

And you will distribute it according to the directions I sent you in a letter by W. Smith, unless you have promised any one money, that was good & kind enough to work on the house for you, in that case you will pay them, and then distribute the rest as I told you in the letter, I guess you ought to take enough of the money to buy something, nice for the boy, and if you could at all get it, I would be very glad if you could go and get yours and the boys picture taken and send to me, I would like a tolerable good sized one, about the size of mine, you can do it up without sending it in a case, [I] would like to have my lady’s too, yes, all of them if we had the money to spare, and if the weather is not too bad and you can get a chance, try & get yours, the babes, & Polly’s taken on one case plate, and send to me by Mr. Smith, & if not send by mail.

Oh I cant tell you how glad I was to hear from you, and there are not many hours in the day but I am thinking of home and its endearments. Tell Polly to be a good girl, & take good care of little brother, & if I live to get back home, I will bring her something nice, The boys I expect will be good.

We are still living in our tents, but expect to go to building our barracks in a few days, they are to be built out of lumber, — I am writing an unoccupied tent, & my hands & feet are getting cold, & my candle is about gone, so I will say good night, and I always [r]emember you in my prayers night and morning.

Dec 2d This is a nice Sabbath morning, warm & pleasant, but does not sound much like the Sabbath, as they busy at work at the buildings, as it is coming the time of the year to need something warmer than our tents, but we sleep

Rights: NoC-US

Place: United States

Dates: 1861-1863

Type(s): Letter

Maker/Creator: Moser, Osiah A.

Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Armed Forces


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