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Letter fragment [of Joseph J. Martin?], Columbus, KY, [to John H. Martin and Elizabeth Martin], September 25, 1862

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Identifier: D05596

Title: Letter fragment [of Joseph J. Martin?], Columbus, KY, [to John H. Martin and Elizabeth Martin], September 25, 1862


Gives news of regimental affairs. On illustrated stationery.

Transcription: [unsigned letter fragment, presumed to be written by Joseph J. Moulton]

Columbus Ky

Sept. 25th 1862

Dear Brother & Sister,

I received your letter this afternoon, and Although I am very busy yet I will try, and send you a few lines in reply. I am Sergt of the Provost Guard this week, and am engaged almost all the time I have not Slept more than 4 hours Since Monday morning. Everything is all Strait down here So far, but I dont know what day we may be called upon to take the field. There is but one Company of our Regt. at this place, and two Companies of the 15th Regulars. We Regulars occupy the Port. We have one of the prettiest encampments in old Kentuck. We are bulding our winter quarters, and if we are not whipped out, I expect we will stay here all winter. I had a pretty Sever attak of fever last Week but it had to knock[?] under. I try to ride down everything and make it come to time. I am glad that Isaac had not paid Keedy. he may be all right, but, him and me must have a regular Settlement before he can get his pay. I owe Mumpower a little pmt[payment] cant tell just how much I bought Some wheat, I believe it was $6.00 worth from John. H. Martin and as it was not the kind I wished to Sow, I explained it with Mumpower, and then bought Some more from Mumpower, but whether it was $3 dollars worth, or, $5.00 dollars worth, I can’t tell.

The Am’t[amount] I got from him has entirely Slipped my mind; But I expect that Mumpower doesn’t need money any worse than I do, and I have to do with out it. if he will take half the Time he looses going to church, and Spend it at moderate labor he can Soon make what I owe him. But if he will promise leave that Beauty of his and Shoulder a gun, and go and fight, I will Send him the last cent that I owe him with Interest

Rights: NoC-US

Place: United States

Dates: 1862-09-25

Type(s): Letter

Maker/Creator: Moulton, Joseph J.

Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Armed Forces


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