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Letter signed Will. Martin, Patterson, Mo., to Mrs. E. Martin, November 16, 1862

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Identifier: D05594

Title: Letter signed Will. Martin, Patterson, Mo., to Mrs. E. Martin, November 16, 1862


States that his health is good, but his regiment makes a "ragged appearance." Also tells Elizabeth not to worry about Newton [John N. Martin], because he has seen a list of the casualties of the 4th Iowa Infantry, and Newton was not on it.

Transcription: Patterson, Mo. Nov. 16th / 62

Mrs. E. Martin

Respected Friend

I received your Letter of the 8th two days ago and believe must plead guilty to not answering the last you sent me down to Helena, I was quite unwell at the time and somewhat flattered myself should have a chance to come Home for a time, but suppose must consider myself fortunate in not haveing the opportunity, as none went but those who were very sick, and sweet as Home is to most of us it is better to be here well, than there sick, am thankfull to say my health is very good at present, but our Regt. so far as numbers are concerned to what it did last March when we first started South from Ironton. We have not heard of nor from your Brother Newton since we have been here but do not think you need borrow trouble on his account, we have seen a list of the casualities of the skirmish in which the 4th Iowa was engaged but his name was not on the list, understand part of the Troops that came up the River with us are down at Helena again and we expect to go there or somwhere else but when or where cannot tell more than you can, we have had beautifull Weather since been here but is now Raining but quite warm, have heard nothing at this time of going into Winter Quarters but expect the Mud will soon prevent much more travelling overland in the South, but perhaps the Democrats will overcome all difficulties, hope they will now they appear to be in power, about as well the rest of the Republicans were in the Army, we will try and restrain our patience tell the 1st of Janry. when perhaps we shall begin to see whether there is any prospect of the War ending in this generation. it appears you will have another reason to contend with hard times but the Prairie Folks are getting used to that as perhaps you are aware, although there is a great deal of grumbling about the treatment received in the Army, expect the majority of the Men are better Clothed and Fed than they would be at Home besides getting fair Wages, if we could get Vegetables in place of hard Bread should have all we need for the good of our health, but of course have to excuse the Cakes & Pies, will make them suffer if we ever come back to see you, there is a great deal of Money made by People who live near the Soldiers Camps bringing truck in to sell, suppose you could let us have some Home made Molasses, hope next Years Crop wont have to pay for that but suppose a “Bird in hand.” The Rain have just drove in the working Sand they are building a Fort here and appear to be in a hurry by working Sundays, but as far as morality they may as well be at that as lying arround Camp swearing and playing Cards, have had no Preaching since we came up the River not have not seen anything of our Chaplain, do you still have preaching at your School House hope you will be ale to have a School this Winter, my Sister writes me of haveing lost two of her Children this Fall and of its being unhealthy there, hope this will find you all as well as it leaves me remember me to John and with best wishes for yourself and Family, I remain, Yours Respectfuly

Willm. Martin

Rights: NoC-US

Place: United States

Dates: 1862-11-16

Type(s): Letter

Maker/Creator: Martin, William, active 1861-1862

Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Armed Forces
War casualties


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