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Letter signed Will. Martin, Jackson Co., Ark., to John [John H. Martin], May 6, 1862

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Identifier: D05593

Title: Letter signed Will. Martin, Jackson Co., Ark., to John [John H. Martin], May 6, 1862


Describes regimental affairs. Gives his thoughts on slavery.

Transcription: C.S.A.

Jackson Co. Ark. May 6th / 62

Friend John

Am glad you are getting to be found enough of writeing Letters to let me hear from you once in a while hope I shall continue to do so under present circumstances, your last Letter found us down in the Land of King Jeff & King Cotton but this leaves us in the Land of King Abe (long may he reign) and while he has the might and the right both on this side he stands a pretty good chance to rule I think for some time and we will do our best to help him, we are at present Camped on Big Black River fifteen Miles above Jacksons Port [Jacksonport], Co. Seat of this Co. where we expect to join “Curtis” and his Army, we understand his advanced Guard is no crossing the River at that place, and whether we are bound for Memphis, or Little Rock we do not know, you will see the route on the Map we have frequently encamped in old Rebel Camps but so far that is all we have seen of them but it is some satisfaction to show the Traitors the Stars & Stripes, although we occasionally see a little Union demonstration as we come along this morning the Boys amused themselves by digging up an old Secesh Flag Pole and cosigning it to the stream and replaceing it by one with the Stars & Stripes on the Top where it now floats and “long may it wave.” this is quite a good looking Farming Country and must be splendid for Fruit we passed a field of Wheat on Sunday out of Blossom believe we saw some Cotton up yesterday, but for all the Darkies we see we might suppose ourselves in a Free State and perhaps those that live here in the twenty years time will be on Free Soil but it appears hard to tell at present what will become of Slavery but it does look as if it would get its Death blow this time, still it appears to have a good many apologists at the North, are you going to Vote for the New State Constitution, understood the State Troops would have a chance to Vote on it but what little I know of it dont think it is much improvement on the old one. The News reached us to day of the capture of Genl. Sterling Rice with his command at Corinth, expect we will meet Wl. Cord and some other of our old acquaintances when we join Curtis. Hope you will find time to plant a few Trees this Spring we occasionally see some very neat little Farms, I saw a lot of Lombardy Poplars yesterday, we have had a hard time to get along with our Train owing to Wet Weather but we are now on a good Road, have passed through lots of Cypress Swamps tell Jesse Livingston I have seen plenty of Knees (Cypress), I enclose you a Note from Tues which please show him, how many Bushel of Osage Orange See do you want when I go out to Texas, I have seen but very little of it in our Travels not any of the Trees yet how does that get along that we laid opposite your House, please to direct as usual, and believe me to remain

Yours truly

Willm. Martin

Rights: NoC-US

Place: United States

Dates: 1862-05-06

Type(s): Letter

Maker/Creator: Martin, William, active 1861-1862

Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Armed Forces


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