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Letter signed John E. Haley, near Atlanta, Georgia, to Elizabeth Martin, August 29, [1864]

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Identifier: D05590

Title: Letter signed John E. Haley, near Atlanta, Georgia, to Elizabeth Martin, August 29, [1864]


Gives news of family and friends. Describes a battle near Atlanta.

Transcription: near Atlantia[Atlanta] Georgia

Monday Evening August the 29 186[4]

Friend Elizzebeth

it has been Some time Sence I have heard from you. I wrote to you on the 19 of July & have not heard from you in that letter I told you I would See about Joseph. Well I have seen him & found him well insted of under Georgia Sod & also on the 18 ins. Nuwton[Newton] came to See me he came earley in the morning & had dinner with me. we had A fine Chatt about Old times he was in fine Spirits although he had been sick Some time Joseph was in good Spirits his time would Soon be out. Sence my last letter to you well the next day the 28 we had A Severe Battle we lost 64 men in Our Reg. the rebles come on to us three lines deep we only one. the rebles also had choice of the ground our reg. Captured two of there Battle flags Sence the peach tree fight we have been envesting Atlanta pretty closely well Saturday the 27. Orders came for the 20 Corps to retire back to Chattahoochee So back we came & now we are one mile from (that is our Brig -) the Chattahooche[Chattahoochee] guarding Supplys our corps is Scaterd all over the river & railroad I Supose you have heard of Old Jo Hooker leaving us Maj. Gen Slocum Commands our our Corps now it Seams from all observation that Attention cannot be taken from the front So Gen. Sherman thinks & he is trying now from the rear at least I think So well you will Soone here from him I think as Soone as Atlantia[Atlanta] is taken the Campaign will end for we will be Sadly in want of men & I think we will have them Although there is great talk of resisting the draft if the draft cannot be carried on to Sustain the armies now in the field after all the hardships we have endured we had better Stop & tell the South we give it up & we will go home I fear there will be Some hard times up there if half is true that we here. well I must close by hoping this will find you & family all well As for me I have Splendid health give my love & respects to John & A Kiss to All the Children.

From John E Haley to

Elizzebeth Martin

P.S. We have not been paid how for eight months & I am in want of money I wish youl would tell John to Send 5, five dollars as Soone as he could write as Soon as you get this Good by no more

Adieu. Adieu

Rights: NoC-US

Place: United States

Dates: 1864-08-29

Type(s): Letter

Maker/Creator: Haley, John E.

Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Atlanta Campaign, 1864
Armed Forces


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