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Letter signed J.M. Wilkinson, Wayne Co., Mo., to Captain P.L. Powers, January 15, 1865

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Identifier: D06156

Title: Letter signed J.M. Wilkinson, Wayne Co., Mo., to Captain P.L. Powers, January 15, 1865

Description: Discusses business and local news, including mention of the 7th Kansas Infantry being stationed nearby. Includes envelope.

Transcription: Wayne Co Mo January the 15th 1865

Capt. PL. Powers

Dear Sir

I drop you a line this morning partly through friendship & partly on business so business first & plasure afterwards These will be a good Blacksmith & Wagganmaker hear in 3 or 4 weeks, he is reffugee from Arks but has sometime in Ill. he is a good man. Ed and Henry can tell you about him it is John Qunent[?] now what I want is this can you let him have the use of your shop & tools for a short time if so at what rent. You no we kneed a good smith hear that will work & he is the man for the place Now for other mothers. This leaves us all up & in good health except Bill[?]. he is again able to assist me some I was up at the Widows yesterday. she requested me to say all was well & lively. tell John Good I also saw Sarah yesterday her & the babes was in good health & she would write to him in a few days tell Ed I saw Sally yesterday & her & Babe was well also the familys of all others of your Co as fair as I no except Thomas Stephens. one of his daugthors is very low & cannot last many days, diseas Consumption We have a quiet time now, no bushwhack is about lately Capt Cachran works in the swamps a good deal[?] and furlows all he gets he is doing good servis in the brush

A part of the Causas[?] 7th is now at Patterson they are the best set of solders that has ever been stationed at that place. they are nice orderly and well behaved & well officered. they are not steeling every hogg chik & calf & sheep that will do to eat so say the citizens of that vacinity

I saw Sutton on his return, also heard from him yesterday. I find the Convention has cut out more work than they can do in 4 months & I think there are likely to be a hot time amongst them with riguard[regard] to negro suffrage as there are a strong party in favor of it & a strong party upposd[opposed] to it but I expect to have to kiss a negro wench before long to make myself eaqul to a native born American citizen of African desent. I hope that all fool radical men may yet get ther fill of radical measures. there are many radicals that are excusible for they are hardly accountable beings are and led by the nose by law political tricksters and like spittles such men are to be pitied in stead of blamed. I think to send a request to the convention soon to so alter & amend the Constitution as to give us dog days in December & Christmast on the 4th of July. better to pressure & keep semblance that greate day of independence for I fear that the presant rooling power will expunge it from our Calinder as there is a new era upon us (so sais Gov. Fletcher) I have saw & examined the [word unclear] mesage to the Legislator, it is a strange and odd document, recommending but little and bosting a good deal about political triumph. now if I had of gained a political triumph through as base means as that election was caried I should of ben mum on that subject. the Presidents mesage in most parts I like very much particularly his [word unclear] with regard to putting down the rebelion and his readiness to end the war so soon as the rebbles lay down ther arms & submits to be rooled by the federal authority and uppon the whole I hope Abe will be more of a man for the nxet four years than he has ever ben yet you no there are a greate out come in some ragged colts when put on good pasture

Well Powers Bill Stakely is at home and very low & has ben for sometime. his life has ben dispaird of but I learn this morning he is a little better. I dont think he will be able to leave home in several weeks yet. J F. Short[Juan F. Short] around was at Ironton last week. I dont hear anything of his leaving soon W Harison[William...

Rights: NoC-US

Place: United States

Dates: 1865-01-15

Type(s): Letter

Maker/Creator: Wilkinson, J.M.

Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Armed Forces


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