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Letter signed Osiah [Osiah A. Moser], in camp near Helena, Ark., to Mary Moser, March 18, 1863

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Identifier: D05966

Title: Letter signed Osiah [Osiah A. Moser], in camp near Helena, Ark., to Mary Moser, March 18, 1863


Mentions the new chaplain at his camp who is an Abolitionist.

Transcription: In Camp below Helena Ark

March 18th 1863

Dear Mary

I feel again like writing to you, I wrote to you day before yesterday, & on the evening I got only 3 letters from you & one from John Hinkle, I would have written to you yesterday, but as I had just started a letter to you, I thought I would wait till today. Your letters were dated Feb 27th, March 3d, & 5th And I was very glad to hear from you I am glad to think that you have got some one on the place that relieves you of a great deal of care & anxiety, & if you can get the man you speak of, I think it would be a better idea than to hire.

As it regards the bees, if the stand that Parker selected died, why that is his loss, & whenever he gives you the right, then he will be entitled to another stand, but not till then, & as the swarming season will soon be on, I would like to hear of you getting bees into those new germs, & I think if you clean them out right well they would be apt to stay in them. — I wish I could have been with you to have helped you eat that turkey, but on that day (by refering to my diary) while you were enjoying your dinner, we were busy fixing up our camp, we had just got off the boat, & all was stir & bustle, we were then about 1 1/2 miles from the line of Louisiana on Ark. shore. — The weather continues very pleasant, the trees are putting forth their leaves very fast, I see plum trees in fall bloom, & the weather feels just like May in Iowa. — We are getting things in a good shape, for our Spiritual benefit, which has been sadly neglected a good while, but recently we have got a new Chaplain, not having had one since last spring, & he seems to take hold like as tho’ he was going to try to do something.

Night before last he preached a splendid sermon from Luke 15. — 1 – 7, after which he made a temporary church organization, 27 have signed the articles of faith, & the Chaplain seems to want to try to do as much good as he can, he seems to take a great interest in the welfare of the Soldiers, & I hope he may be instrumental in turning many from their wicked ways, he talks of organizing & keeping up a regular prayer meeting, — Last Sunday he preached a Sermon, on what it took to constitute treason, & a good many have got down on him because he is an abolitionist, but I think the true cause is, because they have a good deal of the Copperhead nature in them, & he was a little too plain on treason, we have men here that sympathise with the Rebels, say we ought not to interfere with their Slaves, no matter how much they use them against us. I hear a good deal about the “Copperhead Democrats” in the North, & I hope there are Union men enough there to make them behave themselves, & if there aint, I wish our Regt. could be there awhile, we would not be afraid to talk to them, & we would clean them out too. I will stop for this time, & as the mail has already gone out to-day, I will not seal this & perhaps I may have something more to write by to-morrow. — My love to you all, God bless you — I am as ever your


Mary Moser

After dinner — I will write a few more lines, I had almost forgotten to say that I am in good health. I have just been having a search after that Soldiers jest[?] “the Grey-backs” & as the warm weather comes on they are getting pretty bad. Every thing like a luxury here costs money, apples sell at $12 a barrel, & retail a 5 cts. apiece, Onions 4 or 5 small sized ones for 5 cts, Eggs 50 cts, & other things in proportion, I have just bought 15 cucumber pickles, about the size of your finger, for 20 cts, at these licks you see a person can spend money very fast.

The weather is quite warm to-day.

19th I...

Rights: NoC-US

Place: United States

Dates: 1863-03-18

Type(s): Letter

Maker/Creator: Moser, Osiah A.

Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Armed Forces


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