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Letter signed Osiah [Osiah A. Moser], camp 10 miles E. of Memphis, Tenn., to Mary Moser, January 16, 1863

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Identifier: D05965

Title: Letter signed Osiah [Osiah A. Moser], camp 10 miles E. of Memphis, Tenn., to Mary Moser, January 16, 1863


Describes the poor weather and recent skirmishes with guerrillas.

Transcription: Camp 10 mls [letter unclear] of Memphis Tenn.

Jan. 16th 1863

Dear Mary.

Your kind & welcome letter of the 21st ult. came to hand yesterday, & found me in good health, except my eyes, & I have had a miserable time with them, for a few days, day before yesterday it rained hard all day, & in the night it commenced snowing, & snowed all day yesterday & last night, & now the snow is about 9 1/4 in. deep by measure it is said to be the deepest snow that has fell here for 15 years, — while the weather has been so bad we have had fire in our tents, & our chimney did not draw good, & I have almost got my eyes smoked out, while I am writing I can barely see the line, but hope they will get better again soon.

Elick Eskew[Alexander Eskew] got back to the Regt. again last Sat. he looks heartier than he has looked since he left home, on his way here he saw Brown & his Co., he said Stiles was well, & all the boys from our neighborhood, We are still here guarding the R. Road, a few nights ago an alarm was made & we were called into line about 11 Clock, but went back to bed again soon, there were 7 men seen & fired at, but none were shot.

Day before yesterday 9 men were taken by the guerrillas, there are a good many of them around, there were 120 of the 39th Regt. taken prisoners, by the guerrillas. It has been reported in Iowa, somehow, that our Regt. had all been taken prisoners, but that is not so. We have been expecting, for several days, to get some pay, but we are to get only 2 months pay now, it will not be long till we get it, I will not be able to send you as much of this payment, as I would wish, as I am owing some, & intend to buy me a gun blanket & perhaps a pair of boots, but what I can spare I will send you a little at a time, & when any of you get a letter don’t let it be opened till you get it home, & if I send it to you gradually, why nobody will know any thing about it.

I was glad to hear that you were getting along well, I suppose you have sold the bale of your hogs. it has been 8 days today since I wrote to you last, but I had several other letters to write, & then my business to attend to, so I have went rather over my usual time of writing to you, since I wrote to you I have been to Memphis, it is a large & nice city,

Quite a number of our troops have gone down the river, but I guess it was thought that our Regt. would have to go too, but I guess we will not have to go, we have a tolerable ticklish place here, we can’t go after water without a guard. I was glad to hear that Jim was still alive, & likely to get well. — How are they bees doing. God bless you all, — My love to all of you.

I am as Ever your


to Mary Moser

Rights: NoC-US

Place: United States

Dates: 1863-01-16

Type(s): Letter

Maker/Creator: Moser, Osiah A.

Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Guerrilla warfare
Prisoners of war
Armed Forces


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