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Letter signed John N. Moulton, Milikens Bend, to his sister [Elizabeth Martin], April 28, 1863

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Identifier: D05566

Title: Letter signed John N. Moulton, Milikens Bend, to his sister [Elizabeth Martin], April 28, 1863


Thanks his sister for the package of food and the shirt she sent.

Transcription: Milikens Bend April the 28th, 63

Dear Sister yours of march the 27th writen at midnight and enclosed in a check shirt came to hand last night It had come Strait through. But all the well man of my reg left vicksburg on the 2ond of this month and never got Back untill last night So I did not get them as soon as I would if I had been at home. it was very warm here so the Butter had all melted and the cake spoild the apple butter was a little Sour But Eats first rate for a Soldier the Plum Butter was all right and the Sausages not my mess is small, myself one other Private and the orderly sergeant and the 2nd Lieutenant you Better think we made them thinks Suffer for Supper and Breakfast and discussed the merits of home rituals I do not know how to thank you for such a kindness and then that shirt. it is the very kind of a shirt for this country and the very kind we cannot get I ndeed[need] I will tell you the truth the first Tears I have shed since I have Been in the Service I shed over those things you sent me. It Brought Back all the Feelings of old times so that Before I was aware of it the tears was Roling down my Cheeks. It aw allways Seemed that I was along in the great world and then for Such Sisterly B Kindess as you have Shown to me it went to the tender Place.. I am well and hearty and I hope this may find you well and enjoying all the Blessings of this life I do not expect that you can read this I have Been getting our things off the Boat So I am very nervous I wrote you a letter from Greenvill[Greenville] and Stated what our Business was there. we are now 25 miles from the doomed City. we can hear the thunder of artilery as our Boats Run the Blockade there has a great many troops slept here since we was here Before and gone Below I do not know whether we will go soon or not we may and we may not I got a letter from JJ Moulton the other day he was well and said he weighed 173 Pounds he can Brag a little over me But not much. I weigh 168. Pounds. now But I will come down pretty fast now it is getting so hot Every thing looks like the middle of Sumer here I Still think that the city will Be will Be ours against the 4th of July 63. tell Isaac to give the copperheads hell under the Shirt far the cowardly devils needs it.. my aim is as good as Ever and I have a good gun — I would like to See you mighty well But I have 11[?] months to Solider yet Wright often and tell me all the news tell Marion to wright. I think that I will get home just in time to vote for Freemont[Frйmont] for President. or old Abe if John C. does not Run I go all the Radical measury with a good appetite. I say any thing to whip no difference what. and so say the rest of the Soldiers. we would rather fight the copperheads as the Southern men for we know that the Southern men is pretty good grit and we know the others is not

Write Soon

yours as Ever

John N. Moulton

To C. and J. Fisher

Rights: NoC-US

Place: United States

Dates: 1863-04-28

Type(s): Letter

Maker/Creator: Moulton, John Newton

Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Armed Forces


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