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Letter fragment of Shelton F. Martin to Elizabeth J. Martin, 1865

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Identifier: D05557

Title: Letter fragment of Shelton F. Martin to Elizabeth J. Martin, 1865


States that he needs ten dollars to be sent to him as soon as possible.

Transcription: [1865]

The Cumberlan[Cumberland] Army it guards three States Mississippi Alabama and Tennessee the Crossing of the head waters of the Tenn River[Tennessee River] Sister as I have writen all the news that I think would interest you I Shall Close By Say ing that I wrote to John Some weaks a go for 10 Dollars the Reason he has not Sent it I Do not no I Stand Badly in nead of it for I have Been Compelled to Borough 5 Dollars to Buy to baco[tobacco] with the Rest of the Boys Sent to Minonk for money and it is the Same with them we ar very Destitute of those little articles and I want him to Send it as Soon as Soon as he can this is a poor place to Be without money So I close By Sending my Best Respects to you all hoping this may find you all in the Best of helth as it leaves me And may peace and prosperity Be with you now and forever Amen

the Benediction of Shelton F Martin

To Elisabeth J Martin

P.S. I have Just Received a letter maled May 2ond containing five Dollars which I assure you was thank fuly Received By my Self and comrades not only the money But the news of all the Boys Being well was a quite a consolation to me for I have writen to John Haley Since I have Been her But have Received no answer yet I was fearing that he might have fell During Shermans last camp aign yours Respectfully

Shelton F Martin

Rights: NoC-US

Place: United States

Dates: 1865

Type(s): Letter

Maker/Creator: Martin, Shelton Farris

Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Armed Forces


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