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Letter signed Shelton F. Martin, Natchez, Mississippi, to Elizabeth Martin, March 13, 1864

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Identifier: D05553

Title: Letter signed Shelton F. Martin, Natchez, Mississippi, to Elizabeth Martin, March 13, 1864


Mentions regimental affairs.

Transcription: Natchez Mississippi

March the 13th 1864

I Received your kind letter of the 28th of February By the last Eavning Male and was Hapy of Such a treasure after carefuly perusing its contence I hasten to my Seat to write you a fiew lines in Reply to it As it is the Second letter that I Have got from you Since I was at Home I Hardly No how to Adress you for I have not prepaird my Self for the task for I had Made up my mind that you Cared very little a Bout hearing from me But I will Do the Best that I can this time and prepair my Self for Better Next time As for war News there is considerable Stir At present there was 30 Steamers Pased By Here all crowded with Soldiers Day Before yesterday they were Bound for the Red River Expidition in Louisiana there was 5 Iron Clad gunboats went a fiew Days Before we was to go on the expidition But there was a Bout five Hundred Rebel Cavalry Came to visit this part of the country and we Had to Stay Back and take care of them they ar Stoping a long the Homecheta River[Homochitto River] Some 116 miles from here they Send there men out in Small Squads to Burn all the cotton that they can catch coming in to natchez we have Scouted the country For fifty miles in evry Direction of this Place and visited all the little towns and camps of the Rebels But Still they come in once and a while to Bother us But if they had not kept us of this Redriver[Red River] Expidition I should Not have cared for I was anxious to go on it I got a letter from frank huttun the other Day Stating that they would Be there that they had marching orders when they wrote S General Sherman was in our Camp the Day Before the fleat went Down He was very sory that our Reg could Not go for the mareen Brigade is all the Cavalry that is on the Expidition I have writen to you of the Rade that we made on woodvill[Woodville] perhaps you Have got it Before this So I Shall not write it over a gane I will Say that we ar having a very good time here and the helth of the Reg is as good as could Be Expected for we have Received quite a Number of New Recruits within the last month and they must Expect to have a Brash after Coming from the North where it has Been So Cold Evry thing Is green here and the Nicest kind of weather we have to gard the forage train evry other Day is a Bout all we ar doing now we forage for the hole post But we are geting the forage Prety well taken up for Sixteen or Eighteen Miles a Round I am geting anxious to leave this place for there is No New Seanry to attract the mind So asto Drive Dull Care a way the Days pass of very long to me for the last month there is a great Stir in our Reg a Bout vertrans But I Think they have got as many as they will get of the old ones they have got Some 150 to Reenlist and they intend to keep them in the Reg and fill it up with New men and Call it a veteran Reg So if my life is spared you may look for me home as soon as my time is out and if they cant put Down the Rebellion without my aide I can inlist in a Regiment with as many veterans in it as ours has Sister I Have writen all the News that I Have for the Present and if you want to know all the of our Reg you will have to write often So I Can keep you posted for when one is in the Servis 3 months without a letter he forgets allmost that he has any friends I will Say that my helth is as good as usual and the Rest of the Crocreekers is in good helth and fine Spirits give my Best Respects to Stephen and family also to Margaret and tell Mariah that if there is a School this Summer to Send her to it if She can go for I Should like that She could Spell By the time I get home if it is posible James I suppose will write in a fiew Days as I do Not now his minde a Bout his afairs I cannot write it in this So farewell for a while

give my Respects to all inquiring Friends and Save a portion for your Self No More Write Soon as you get this...

Rights: NoC-US

Place: United States

Dates: 1864-03-13

Type(s): Letter

Maker/Creator: Martin, Shelton Farris

Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Armed Forces


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