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Letter signed Elias Perry [to Nanny Perry], ca. 1862

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Identifier: D06124

Title: Letter signed Elias Perry [to Nanny Perry], ca. 1862


Contains account of the Battle of Shiloh and journey through the South as a prisoner. Describes conditions as a prisoner, including descriptions of prisons at Tuscaloosa, Ala., and Macon, Ga. Illustrated stationery.

Transcription: The life of Elias Perry

From April the 6, 1862 up to the 16 of January [page torn, date missing]

on the morning of [word missing] of April 62 [words unclear] landing on the Tennisee river[Tennessee River] the 18th regiment Mo Vols, was in camp in a nice Shady grove with all the luxurie that a Soldier would wish we had been in camp here for one week without out being disturbed the [word missing] had Sent us word that if we dident leave there they would make us leave Sure enough on The 6 of April a butif[ul] Sabbath morning we was attacted about Six oclock in the morning the long roll was Sounding through the camps & we was ordered to get in line we Son had the regiment formed in line of battle by this time we could here the cannons roaring & the heavy fireing


of musketry we was marched a few paces from our camp where we was ordered to load our guns & get reddy for to meet the rebbel for our colonel then marched us a few paces farther [to]ward where we formed in a line of battle the Sound of the canons and rattle of musketry seemed to come nerrer and nerer until we could See the rebbles advancing on us about four regts deep while that of ours was only one they Son came in rang[e] [o]f our muskets when we opened on them with a deadly fire which kep them ina check a few minutes but therir forces being fare stronger than ours we was Son driven back to our camp where we Stoped and held them in check for Some time by this time our captain was wounde & our first Lieut was Shot through the head by this time the regiment on our right


gave way & the rebbels was about to Surround us when we retreated back through a thick showr of Jeff davis bullets about 1/2 mile where we was found again in line of battle our company in the morning was [word missing] when we was formed again we couldn’t find but 13 men we filled our cartridge boxes anew then we was ordered to Support a batery that was near at the point of the Bayonet but the batery was ordered off Some where else, then we was marched a Short distance through the woods to where the 1st mo battery was all this time we are exposed to the Shot & Shell from the enemy we was formed in line of battle in the rear of th 23 mo & th 8th iowa & severel other regts the rebbels comeing in grea force a gainst them they fought like men and held their ground we


then marched forward to assist them to hold the 1st Mo battery the rebbels tried to charge the battery as much as 4 times but they was repulsed with great Slaughter here [word missing] didn’t loose but a very few men while the loss of the enemy was verry heavy this is about 1 oclock then the left wing gave way Sloly and the enemy Slowly Surrounding us we fought them hard until abut 5 oclock we thought we would retreat back to the mane force of our army but we had put it off to long the enemy had Surrounded us all this time there was a constant rain of Shot and Shell pooring on us from the enemy I was close along with the colonel when we Seen a white flag raised Some of our men had Surrendered we then asked the Colonel what we Should do



his first reply was well boys this gets me he Saw there was no chance for us and he Said we had better lay down our arms the rebbels then come out of the bush in great numbers yelling and hoping for Jeff davis which mad our hearts Shudder there was 3 of my company with me at this time one of them was wounded So he couldent go with us the other 2 S Fisk[Samuel Fisk] & J caseldine[John Caseldine] & my Self pledged our Selves that we would Stay to gether if the rebbles would let us they then ordered us to get in...

Rights: NoC-US

Place: United States

Dates: 1862-1865

Type(s): Letter

Maker/Creator: Perry, Elias, approximately 1837-1926

Subjects: Prisoners of war
Shiloh, Battle of, Tenn., 1862
Civil War, 1861-1865
Armed Forces


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