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Life Studies of the Great Army in the Civil War by Edwin Forbes

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Identifier: P0822

Title: Life Studies of the Great Army in the Civil War by Edwin Forbes

Description: Edwin Forbes (1839-1895) was an artist born in New York. At eighteen he began his career by doing animal paintings, and in 1859 he became a student of artist Arthur F. Tait. When the Civil War began, Forbes joined the Army of the Potomac and traveled throughout the South from 1862-64 as a special artist for Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper. His war time works included battle views, newsworthy events, and freed African-American slaves, but he focused much of his work on the day-to-day life of the common soldier. After the war he returned to New York to paint landscape and genre scenes. In 1876 he published a series of forty copper plate etchings of his war time work without text as "Life Studies of the Great Army." The work won an award at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia, and the first proofs were purchased by William T. Sherman for donation to the War Office in Washington. The Life Studies of the Great Army in the Civil War by Edwin Forbes collection includes thirty-nine of the forty etchings in the original series made in 1876 as well as three additional prints: "Awaiting the Attack. Infantry," "A Scouting Party. Cavalry," and "Just In Time. Artillery." The prints are unbound, Elephant folio and contain the following titles (excluding the missing plate 17): 1. Tattoo and Reveille, The Beginning and The End 2. The Commissary's Quarters in Winter Camp 3. Through the Wilderness 4. Winter Camp: A Wagoner's Shanty, A Picket Hut, Mud Huts 5. The Pontoon Bridges 6. A Thirsty and a News- Hungary Army: A Thirsty Crowd, Newspapers for the Army 7. The Leader of the Herd 8. Necessary Routine: On Picket, Washing Day 9. A Christmas Dinner 10. Buildings and People: A Slave Cabin, The Old Grist Mill, Dabney the Orderly, "Got Any Pies for Sale, Aunty?", A Pickaninny 11. The Newspaper Correspondent 12. "Coffee Coolers" 13. Officers' Winter Quarters 14. An Army Forge 15. Returning from Outpost Duty 16. A Night March 18. The Rear of the Column 19. Marching in the Rain: Stuck in the Mud, A Flank March Across Country 20. Fall in for Soup 21. Going into Camp at Night 22. Waiting for Something To Turn Up: On Picket, The Old Saw Mill, Waiting 23. "The Reliable Contraband" 24. Home, Sweet Home 25. The Distant Battle 26. A Cavalry Charge 27. Soldiers Pass the Time: A Hot Day, Beef Steak Rare!, A Straggler, A Quiet Nibble, A Cavalry Orderly 28. Newspapers in Camp 29. Repose on the Battle Field: A Watched Pot Never Boils, A Hasty Supper, Drummer Boys, Played Out 30. Coming Into the Lines 31. The Supply Train 32. Scenes About the Countryside: "Gone Off With the Yankees", A Land Flowing With Milk and Honey, A Scouting Party, An Old Campaigner 33. The Picket Line 34. The Lull in the Fight 35. Traffic between the Lines 36. Going Into Action 37. An Advance of the Cavalry Skirmish 38. On the March: Fording a River, Twenty Minutes Halt 39. "Bummers" 40. The Sanctuary See also Library for "A Civil War Artist At The Front. Edwin Forbes Life Studies of the Great Army" by William Dawson, 1957. 973.797 F742

Rights: UND


Dates: 1861-1876

Type(s): Prints

Maker/Creator: Edwin Forbes



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