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St. Louis Men (Caricatures)

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Identifier: P0009

Title: St. Louis Men (Caricatures)

Description: St. Louis Men (Caricatures) contains four sets of portraits and caricatures of prominent St. Louis men from 1898 to around 1928. The first set is a souvenir album of 20 identified photogravure portraits from a dinner given on April 30, 1898 at Tony Faust's by Charles E. Ware in honor of George T. Nicholson of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway and Benjamin L. Winchell of the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad. Subjects include: W.J. McLean; E.E. Posey; E.O. McCormick; Edmond Walter LaBeaume; Lucius W. Wakeley; E.A. Williams; Charles Pawson Atmore; Orin P. McCarty; Dr. I.N. Love; John Francis; C.C. Jenkins; Henry C. Townsend; R.A. Campbell; George J. Tansey; Charles S. Crane; Gardner A.A. Deane. The second set is 75 cartoon portraits of members of the Bankers Club distributed at the Annual Dinner of the Bankers Club of Saint Louis in 1915. Subjects include: Tom Randolph; George T. Riddle; F.O. Watts; A.O. Wilson; A.C. White; George E. Hoffman; August E. Brooker; J.A. Berninghaus; Robert S. Brookings; Edward Buder; A.A. Busch; J.S. Carr; David R. Francis; Louis Fusz; Breckinridge Jones; W.A. Kammerer; A.C.F. Meyer; G.W. Niedringhaus; August Schlafly; A.L. Shapleigh; William C. Uhri; Julius S. Walsh; Rolla Wells; Edwards Whittaker; (more). The third set, "St. Louisans You Want to Know," consists of about 50 woodcut caricatures published by The Penograph Feature Service Company in St. Louis, ca. 1921. The volume has been disbound, and each page contains an image of a prominent St. Louisan and a brief curriculum vitae. Subjects include: David R. Francis; A.P. Erker; J.M. Kurn; Herman C. Stifel; William B. Ittner; Rolla Wells; David C. Biggs; Frank C. Rand; Edward L. Bakewell; Carl F. Meyer; J.S. Carr; Robert Enos Adreon; W. Frank Carter; (more). The fourth set, "St. Louisans As We See 'Em," contains about 500 caricatures of prominent St. Louisans published by A. Noble Printing Company of St. Louis, ca. 1928. Identified subjects are indexed in the front of the volume. Subjects include: E.L. Benoist; A.C. Bernays; G.P. Billon; W.K. Bixby; W.H. Blodgett; J.H. Boogher; F.H. Britton; J.C. Cabanne; Gustav Cramer; S.W. Fordyce; F.R. Fry; J.H. Gundlach; F.H. Ingalls; J.H. Kennerly; E.E. Koken; L.T. LaBeaume; F.W. Lehmann; W.J. Lemp, Jr.; Theodore C. Link; W.S. McChesney, Jr.; H.G. Mudd; Charles Nagel; Ernest Peugnet; Captain F.R. Rice; F.M. Rumbold; Hugo M. Starkloff; J.C. Strauss; Otto Sutter; Thomas C. Young; (more).

Rights: UND


Dates: 1898 - ca 1928

Type(s): Collection




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