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St. Louis Philharmonic Society Collection

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Identifier: P0215

Title: St. Louis Philharmonic Society Collection

Description: The St. Louis Philharmonic Society was founded in 1860 to "advance the study and promote the progress of music in St. Louis and to encourage the reunion and social intercourse of the lovers of music in our city." It was incorporated in 1868 under the laws of the State of Missouri, and Edouard Sobolewski was brought to St. Louis from Milwaukee to become the first conductor. Sobolewski led with the society for six years. August Waldauer conducted for one the 1866-1867 season. Egmont Froehlich became the third conductor in 1868 and led the orchestra for three seasons until 1870 when the society disbanded due to financial trouble. The present St. Louis Philharmonic Society originated with the St. Louis Amateur Orchestra founded in 1893 by Abraham Isaac Epstein. The orchestra changed its name to the St. Louis Orchestra Club in 1910 when Dr. Frank Gecks assumed the position of conductor. During the 1923-1924 season another change in name was made: the St. Louis Orchestra Club became the Philharmonic Society of St. Louis (the present St. Louis Philharmonic Society). The St. Louis Philharmonic Society is not to be confused with The Philharmonic Society formed by the faculty of St. Louis University in 1838 (the first musical society in St. Louis). This university philharmonic was a college group and was unrelated to the amateur or professional instrumental groups organized in later years. The St. Louis Philharmonic Society Collection contains formal portraits and group photographs and snapshots of St. Louis Philharmonic Orchestra during rehearsals and concerts, images of conductors, orchestra members, and executive board members arranged chronologically. It also contains three photo albums showing Philharmonic Society members, groups, activities, programs, and copied documents relating the group's history. Subjects include: conductors; Edouard Sobelewski; A.I. Epstein; Lucien Becker; Frank Gecks; J. Wallace Goodrich; Alfred Hicks; Laurent Torno; Stanley Chapple; Gerhardt Schroth; Albert Tipton; Russell Gerhart; Stefan Bauer-Mengelberg; Jorge Mester; Theodor Avitahl; Rudolph Hauser; Charles Balmer; Emil Karst; John Walters; William Johann Robyn; Pamela Gerhart; Sylvia Waldron; Carol Hofmeister; Kenneth T. Risch; Glenn E. Mueller; John C. Walter; Eleanor Leek; Jay Hatton; Betty Deveau; Frances Schaab; Max Rabinovitsj; Leo Samet; Max Risch, Jr.; S. Carl Robinson; George R. Schmidt; Bertram N. Risch; Dallas B. Robinson; advertising broadside; musical instruments.

Rights: UND


Dates: 1904 - 1972

Type(s): Collection

Maker/Creator: Star Photo Co. (St. Louis); W.C. Runder Photo Co., Inc. (St. Louis); Bill Harris (St. Louis)



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