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Kimmswick MO Mastodon Bones Collection: Archeology

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Identifier: P0307

Title: Kimmswick MO Mastodon Bones Collection: Archeology

Description: Bones of mastodons and other creatures from the Pleistocene era were first found in the early 1800s in the Kimmswick Bone Bed. In 1839 a St. Louis museum owner, Dr. Albert Koch, heard reports of these bones and found skeletal remains that were later identified as American mammoths. In 1897 amateur St. Louis paleontologist C.W. Beehler rediscovered the site and excavated many fossils. Railroad tours from St. Louis brought many visitors to Kimmswick particularly during the 1904 World's Fair to visit Beehler's wooden shack museum which he built in 1900 near the bone bed to house hundreds of fossil bones. The Kimmswick, MO Mastodon Bones Collection contains about seven images showing Kimmswick, Missouri, Beehler's excavation site and his museum, and photographs of the fossil bones made by St. Louis photographer, George Stark in 1901 and distributed by the Louisiana Purchase Exposition Publicity Department. All of the images bear two stamps on the reverse, those of the photographer and the LPE Publicity Department, as well as a handwritten number identifying that particular image. Some of the photos also have handwritten identifications on the reverse. Subjects include: bones; skeleton; archeology; C.W. Beehler; interior of Beehler Museum; excavation site; Koch's Hole; Professor W.H. Holmes; Walter Miller; W.T. Townsend; DeLoncy Gill.

Rights: UND


Dates: ca. 1900 - 1904

Type(s): Collection

Maker/Creator: George Stark (St. Louis)

Subjects: Louisiana Purchase Exposition (1904 : Saint Louis, Mo.)


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