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Glass, Ceramic and Metal Photograph Formats

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Identifier: P0220

Title: Glass, Ceramic and Metal Photograph Formats

Description: The Glass, Ceramic and Metal Photograph Formats collection contains about twenty photographs, mostly portraits, which were printed on glass, porcelain, buttons or pins. A pair of carte de visite portraits of Barthelemy Berthold and Chouteau Berthold Pelagie in a double oval frame is also included. Subjects include: Maurice Peugnet portrait on porcelain; Mrs. Dana O. Jensen portraits on two buttons; Festival Hall at 1904 World's Fair, photo on glass; LPE; Daniel Bissell residence, positive transparency on frosted glass; Paul Benjamin Gratiot portrait on glass with reverse glass painting to feature highlights and shadows; Mollie Faust, portrait pasted on reverse of convex glass; General J.D. Stevenson portrait on porcelain; Norbert Sylvester Chouteau portrait on porcelain; Pelagie Berthold , portrait on milk glass; (more).

Rights: UND


Dates: ca. 1878 - ca. 1912

Type(s): Ceramic Photographs, Photographs




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