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Hulda Elizabeth Heard Alsup Reminiscences, 1949-1952

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Identifier: A2403

Title: Hulda Elizabeth Heard Alsup Reminiscences, 1949-1952


Hulda Elizabeth Heard was born July 7, 1882, on a homestead farm in Webster County, Missouri. She married Shelt Alsup on August 25, 1900. Their children were Cecil (born January 13, 1903), Ethel (born April 19, 1905), and Delbert (born 1907). In 1908, they moved to the state of Washington, settling near Pullman. In 1910, they took up a homestead near Galata, Montana. They moved to Shelby, Montana, in 1915, where they spent the next 15 years. They next moved to Holy Family Mission, where they resided for a couple of years before returning to Shelby. In 1932, they moved to the vicinity of Spangle, Washington, returning to Montana 18 months later. Shelt Alsup died December 20, 1935.

The 12-page typescript reminiscences of Hulda Elizabeth Heard Alsup, written between 1949 and 1952, include accounts of growing up on a homestead farm in Webster County, Missouri; attending school; doing chores on the farm; and homesteading in Washington and Montana with her husband. The reminiscences also include brief note of her sister Luetta P. Heard, who copied Hulda's life story for her. Mentions neighbors "Old Nailer" (page 5) and Jim Hammons (or Hammonds) (page 6); aunt Lizzie Lemons (page 7); Luetta Paul (page 8), who married Hulda's brother Jerry; Miss Hales (page 8), a teacher in Galata, Montana; John Cameron (page 8), a friend of Shelt Alsup in Montana; Mr. Zalanka (page 9), a neighbor in Montana; Minnie Wildgun (page 10), an Indian girl who helped Hulda at the Holy Family Mission; and Mr. Shackleton (page 11), who rented Hulda a farm near Shelby, Montana.

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Cite as: Hulda Elizabeth Heard Alsup Reminiscences, Missouri History Museum Archives, St. Louis.

Rights: UND


Dates: 1949-1952

Type(s): Reminiscence

Maker/Creator: Alsup, Hulda Elizabeth Heard

Subjects: Women


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